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The Rabbit Hole

Astrid Giese-Zimmer
4 June 1987
Boy, has this bio ever needed updating! No more emo-wangst here!



Yes, I met Robin Williams.

Yes, Skip Hinnant knows who I am.

And yes, I wrote to Anthony Ainley (not pictured here).

I could say I am alternatively the most loved and hated person on the internet, but let's be realistic, I'm not THAT infamous. And after what SomethingAwful did to me, I don't think I want to be.

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Created by bart666

my pet!

I adopted a cute lil' easter bunny fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

lurkerbunny got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

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Free Account Edition
User Number: 6977940
Date Created:May 1, 05
Number of Posts: 62

LurkerBunny is a young drama queen, who fancies herself to be a bunny rabbit. She loves weirdness and gets involved in weird fandoms. She often ponders the nature of life, far too much sometimes.
Strengths: Friendly, funny, clever, enthusiastic.
Weaknesses: Oversensitive, short fuse, obsessive.
Special Skills: Writing, photoshopping, captioning pictures.
Weapons: Kicking legs, speed, big nasty pointy teeth.
Allies: nyssa23, backmasked, henry_jones, tabimendou, takomapark_ark

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Tarot Cards
The lurking lagomorph posessing an odd double nature.
Divinatory Meanings: A card indicating great speed, intellegence, enthusiasm, creativity, and friendliness. However, she sometimes stumbles with finacial matters.
Reversed: Laziness, fatigue, dullness, boredom, creative block, anger, fear, loneliness.
Paradox: Double nature, changing moods.

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Anime Adoption Agency


Anime Adoption Agency


Anime Adoption Agency


I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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cult films are love
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Anthony Ainley is Love

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The 5th Doctor & his companions are angsty hexigonal love

Mexican Food is addictive love

The Democrat Party is smart political love

Equality Is Love

Rick belongs to

Tom Felton if Devilishly Sexual Love

CareBears are love

Ashton is sexy love.

Drinking Coca-Cola is love.

That 70's Show is Love.

Boy Meets World is Love.

Friends is Love.

Stewie is Love.

Being a Gemini is Love.

Sailor Moon Is Magical Girl Love.

Abortion Is Not A Crime.

i support hot gay sex.

Dude! Laser Floyd at the Planetarium! Bring some herb!

Rainbow Brite means colorful fun for everyone!

Red Dwarf is Love.

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